TMJ June Giveaway Winner Announced!

TMJ June Giveaway Winner Announced!

The June giveaway winner has been selected! The lucky lady who will take home a stunning pair of white diamond studs valued at $7,500 USD is…. drumroll, please!  And the June giveaway winner is . . .  Congratulations to Peggie from Northern California.  Peggie is beyond thrilled with her new pair of earrings, and we … Read more

How to Style White Diamond Pieces for a Fashion-Forward Look

The versatility of white diamond pieces is unmatched. White diamonds can be styled in various ways, making them perfect for any occasion. Some popular styles include traditional engagement rings, wedding bands, and earrings. White diamonds are also a popular choice for personalized jewelry. Ways to Style White Diamond Pieces for a Fashion-Forward Look  Many women … Read more

Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for your Collection

Jewelry is one of the oldest art forms and has been around for centuries. It can be worn as an accessory to show off your personality or accentuate your outfit. Jewelry is also an excellent investment because it can last for years and be passed down from generation to generation. Jewelry Types and their Benefits  … Read more

Gold Round-Cut White Diamond Necklace: A Stunning Piece of Jewelry

Diamond necklaces have always been a popular choice for women. With their delicate, round-cut white diamonds, these pieces are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a sweet gift for someone special or something to wear to impress, a gold round-cut white diamond necklace is the perfect option. History and Evolution of Gold … Read more

Diamonds You Choose Tell a Lot about Your Personality

Diamonds are one of luxury and wealth’s most popular and enduring symbols. They are also known to be a reflection of a person’s personality. Diamonds have been symbols of love and marriage for centuries. Their unique properties have been attributed to different personality traits. Some diamond characteristics can gauge a person’s personality, including how loyal, … Read more

Gold Oval-Cut Tanzanite Ring: The Ultimate in Luxury!

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone found in Tanzania and often associated with luxury. The color of tanzanite ranges from deep blue to a lighter blue. Tanzanite is usually cut into a small oval or round pieces to enhance its beauty. The gold oval-cut tanzanite ring is an exquisite piece that showcases the beauty of this … Read more

Jewelry to wear when your Love Language is Diamonds

Diamonds have been worn as jewelry for centuries because they symbolize love and beauty. Diamonds are often seen as the perfect gift because they are both expensive and rare. People who know someone’s love language may choose diamonds to show their affection. Other people may choose diamonds as a form of self-care, believing that wearing … Read more

How to Style & Wear a Gold Oval Cluster Diamond Rope Ring

Welcome to the exciting world of gold oval cluster diamond rope rings! These rings are unique and beautiful to show off your intricate diamond artistry. The oval clusters of diamonds are set in an elaborate gold rope design, making these rings a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you’re looking for something special for … Read more

The Uniqueness of the Gold Marquise-cut White Diamond Ring

The marquise-cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes. Its popularity is due to its unique history and versatility. The marquise-cut diamond was first created in 1790 by Jean-Baptiste Bouchard, a jeweler in Paris. At the time, it was a novel shape and was very popular among wealthy women. The Gold Marquise-cut White … Read more

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