Blue diamonds are one of the rarest and most sought-after diamonds worldwide. These gems are typically found in small, isolated deposits and command high prices due to their rarity and unique color. Let’s unravel some of the mysteries surrounding blue diamonds. What gives Blue Diamond its Color?  Although it can be shocking to find diamonds … Read more

Eye-Catching White Gold Round-Cut Blue Diamond Ring

The white gold round-cut blue diamond ring is an exquisite piece of jewelry that will turn heads when worn. The blue diamond set in a white gold ring is a stunning contrast against the other diamonds and gives a ring a unique and special look. This ring is perfect for someone who wants to make … Read more

Diamonds You Choose Tell a Lot about Your Personality

Diamonds are one of luxury and wealth’s most popular and enduring symbols. They are also known to be a reflection of a person’s personality. Diamonds have been symbols of love and marriage for centuries. Their unique properties have been attributed to different personality traits. Some diamond characteristics can gauge a person’s personality, including how loyal, … Read more

Famous and Expensive Blue Diamonds in the World 

Blue diamonds are beautiful and brilliant. They are a rarity which makes them valuable. The depth of the blue color in blue diamonds determines their value. Blue diamonds, just like the other diamonds are natural. The composition of blue diamonds is the same as white diamonds. However, the presence of the boron element in blue … Read more

How Blue Diamonds Differ from Blue Sapphires

Many people believe that blue diamonds and blue sapphires are the same in many ways. However, the truth is that they differ from each other. Both, blue diamonds and blue sapphires are popular gemstones. And both gemstones are popularly used as center stones for engagement rings. This article helps you to understand the difference between … Read more

Reasons to Choose Blue Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

The most important elements in any relationship are trust and faith. Blue diamonds help in protecting against misunderstandings and unwanted fights in a relationships. They are a representation of trust and faith, and the most ideal stone for your engagement ring. This write-up helps you understand why choosing a blue diamond for your engagement ring … Read more

Tips to Choose Blue Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Speaking of relationships, trust and faith are the two most important elements for it. And blue diamonds are known to represent exactly that! Especially blue diamonds are believed to help in protecting against misunderstandings and quarrels among couples. This write-up helps you how to choose the blue diamond for your engagement ring. Blue Diamonds – … Read more

All You Wanted to Know About Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are unique, beautiful, and have long been associated with royalty. Blue diamonds are a rarity and highly sought after. They are a representation of faith and trust which are vital elements in any relationship. This write-up lets you know all about blue diamonds that you were unaware of so far. About Blue Diamond … Read more

Lab-Created Diamonds – A More Sustainable Option

Can you mine precious metals like gold or silver using any sustainable or environment-friendly option? The answer is a big NO. But unlike precious metals, diamonds similarly mined can also be created in a laboratory! This write-up finds out the advantages of buying lab-created diamonds for your jewelry. What are Lab-Created Diamonds?  Unlike natural diamonds, … Read more

Add Sparkle to Your Looks with Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are a popular jewelry trend that is increasingly becoming a must-have accessory. Apart from looking stylish, they are versatile and worn in various ways. Whether you are looking for a new way to display your style or want to add some extra sparkle to an outfit, stackable rings are the perfect jewelry accessory. … Read more




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