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The Growing Popularity of Round Cut Diamond Rings

The Growing Popularity of Round Cut Diamond Rings

Every diamond shape is unique and gives the wearer the look they desire. No wonder the numerous diamond rings and shapes leave people confused about which one to go for.

However, it is interesting to note the love for round-cut diamond rings by most people. People find round-cut diamonds superior and more royal when compared to other fancy-cut diamonds. 

Round cut diamonds are glamorous and known for their brilliance. This article explains the reasons for the everlasting growing popularity of round-cut diamond rings.  

A Word about Round Cut Diamonds  

Round cut diamond rings simply give a classic look when worn. They are timeless jewelry pieces. People looking for engagement rings, necklaces, or other fine jewelry are inclined to especially opt for round-cut diamonds! 

Most people agree that the round-cut diamond ring is the best one because of its shape, brilliance, fire, and sparkle. Further, ideal round cut diamonds are known to provide maximum light return compared to any other diamond cut. 

Reasons for the Popularity of Round Cut Diamonds 

Round cut diamond rings are not only popular but also the most expensive ones. The main reason why it is so expensive is that a large portion of the rough diamond needs to be discarded during the cutting and polishing process. 

Did you know? The round-cut diamond rings have been around since the 1800s. And they continue to take the top spot in popularity. As per several surveys, more than 60 percent of couples choose a round cut diamond as the center stone. Listed below are some of the reasons for the growing popularity of round-cut diamond rings. 


The brilliance and beauty of the round-cut diamond is the main reason that attracts people to it.  Diamonds get their sparkle and brilliance from the light it reflects. The round cut diamond is the one that shines more bright than other shapes. 

The proportions of a well-cut round diamond having fifty-seven facets allow for nearly 100 percent light return. What it means is that they reflect virtually all the light that enters back to the eyes of the viewer! 

Complements Different Settings 

Another reason for the increasing popularity of round-cut diamonds is that they complement different styles and settings – modern or vintage.   

Incredible Appearance 

Round cut diamonds give a timeless appearance to jewelry, especially rings. Their beautiful facets and elegance give a stunning look to the wearer. 

Popular Settings that Go Well with Round Cut Diamonds 

Round-cut diamonds go well with nearly all settings. Some of the popular settings that you can opt for round cut diamonds are listed below. 

Solitaire Settings 

Solitaire settings never go out of style. Solitaire settings are simple. The round cut diamond becomes the focal point and gets the limelight when it is the center stone.  

Halo Settings 

When you opt for the halo settings for your round-cut diamond ring, the ring sparkles more. The halo setting enables your cut round diamond to look bigger due to the presence of smaller diamonds around it.   

Pave Settings 

Pave setting is another popular setting option. You can have it in your engagement ring. It adds sparkle and brilliance to your looks.   

Vintage Settings 

Not everyone has a craze for modern designed rings, and some people still prefer antique and vintage-inspired settings. All such people can choose from the wide array of vintage settings to enhance the beauty of their round engagement ring.

The Closing Thoughts  

There are several advantages associated with purchasing a round-cut diamond ring. It guarantees you brilliance. And it complements different styles and settings too. 

Capture the essence of beauty in your heart. The round-cut diamond center stone is the most popular shape for your engagement ring. The round-cut diamond ring is indeed your best investment ever.



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The Growing Popularity of Round Cut Diamond Rings

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