Do you know about the largest Blue Sapphire discovered recently?

Do you know about the largest Blue Sapphire discovered recently?

Sapphires are precious gemstones in many colors, with blue being the most popular. They are typically found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Australia. Recently, a discovery was made, and it is said to be the largest blue sapphire. Let’s learn more about sapphires!!

Blue Sapphire: A beautiful gemstone found in many different colors. 

Sapphires come in many colors, but blue sapphires are the most common. They are found in various shades – from deep blue to light blue. They’re famous for engagement rings and other jewelry because they are durable and have a brilliant shine. 

The recently discovered largest Blue Sapphire is an intense deep blue color! 

Per a report on the Robb Report website, Sri Lanka’s City of Gems – Ratnapura, is living up to its reputation! After the discovery of the world’s largest star sapphire cluster in its backyard, a Sri Lankan gem company has now displayed one of the biggest natural corundum ever found in the country. 

The royally massive gemstone has been dubbed the “Queen of Asia”. It was discovered in a gem pit in September 2021 and weighed about 683 pounds. As reported by the Associated Press, Sri Lanka’s National Gem and Jewelry Authority carried out a series of gemological tests on five samples taken from the rock. They concluded it to be one of the rarest gems in the world. 

The “Queen of Asia” – Estimated to be worth more than 100 Million Dollars! 

According to the Director of the Gemological Institute of Ratnapura – Shanka Ruwanditha, who owns the massive stone, the institute plans to enlist a gem valuer soon to determine the price of the rock. However, on a private note, the institute’s president – Chamila Suranga, told Forbes that the Queen of Asia could be worth more than USD $100 million and confirmed they are targeting potential buyers, including museums and wealthy private collectors in the Middle East. 

The largest Blue Sapphire discovered recently is a fantastic gemstone. 

The recently discovered largest sapphire in Sri Lanka is so large and blue that it is truly a sight to behold! If you ever get the chance to see it, you should take the opportunity. 


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Do you know about the largest Blue Sapphire discovered recently?

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